Peter Daniels

My skills include:

  • Proofreading

  • Copyediting

  • Layout and typesetting

  • Production

  • Indexing and information publishing

  • ‘Pronoun Press’, my publishing business.


From 2003 to 2007 I was Publications Manager for the Quakers in Britain, and before that I was Listings Editor and Production Editor for the magazine Poetry London. I have belonged to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and qualified for full membership in November 2008 but I have not maintained membership because I am not available for commissions.


I have passed with merit the Publishing Training Centre’s course in Basic Proofreading, which is the industry standard training course.


Copy editing

This is my main work, enabling an author’s thoughts to come through clearly, with correct and consistent spelling, grammar, references and use of terms. My background is in the humanities, though I do have some social science experience. Special subjects are literature and history, London and other local studies, religion and fiction. 

“Peter, I am so impressed by the gift you have for this work. You see the nub of the matter and nail it (to mix metaphors in a way you never would!) I am very happy with all your suggestions.”

“I am delighted with your skill in making our prose more melodious, re-ordering text to keep the reader engaged and bringing extra precision where needed. You have done a very good job and are a pleasure to work with.”

“Thank you very much indeed, for the care that you have given to this text. I have really enjoyed working through it with you. It is much improved by your skilled editing.”


Layout and typesetting

As well as editing the text, I can put together your text properly into a book, or lay out newsletters, leaflets and publicity material. I have worked with top-level designers and typographers, which has grounded me in the principles of presenting your message well.

I am experienced with Quark 7 on PC, and trained in it to advanced level at the Publishing Training Centre. I am preparing to start using InDesign.



I can get your project ready for print, and liaise with printers. I am used to dealing with print-on-demand.


Indexing and Information Publishing

Organising information comes naturally to me (I began as a librarian) and I have compiled and edited directories and listings. I have belonged to the Society of Indexers for over 20 years and have attended their training courses. Most of my recent indexing experience has been in editing and typesetting indexes and rescuing them when they have gone wrong.


Pronoun Press

Pronoun Press is a small independent publishing organisation which I established in 2007 and continue to run.

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