Peter Daniels
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Frisbee slices roses 
Dog chomps Frisbee 
Roses scratch dog


About Peter Daniels, award winning poet.


My collection Counting Eggs is published by Mulfran Press (2012) and my translations of Vladislav Khodasevich by Angel Classics (2013)

My most recent pamphlets are:

Mr. Luczinski Makes a Move (HappenStance, 2011) and 
The Ballad of Captain Rigby (Personal Pronoun, 2013).

Prize winner: 

I have won several prizes - first prize in the 2010 TLS Poetry Competition, the 2010 Ver Poets Competition, the 2008 Arvon competition, the 2002 Ledbury competition, and I was twice a winner in the Poetry Business pamphlet competition. These days I don’t seem to write the kind of poems that win things, though I have had a couple of commendations.

My Khodasevich translations were shortlisted for the Rossica, Oxford-Weidenfeld and Read Russia prizes.


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Professional services

I offer freelance editorial, typesetting and production work for organisations and individuals. 

I am also the founder of Pronoun Press, an independent publisher based in North London.

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